2012 Spider-Man Reboot: FIRST LOOK

As many people have heard, Mark Webb's (hehehe..."Webb") reboot of the Spiderman franchise is coming in 2012 with Andrew Garfield as the web-slinger himself and Emma Stone as love-interest Gwen Stacy. The first photo from the film, seen below, features a new, redesigned costume and darker visuals.


NBC's "The Cape" Doesn't Disappoint

NBC, who brought about the original comic-esque TV show, "Heroes" (which I extremely enjoyed, except for those last few seasons) has done it again. For those of you who saw Sunday night's premiere of "The Cape", I imagine you were just as impressed as I was. The first two episodes were shown, and quite frankly, it felt like they wanted to cram too many origin details into the two-hour premiere, but the premise for the show is good enough to propell it further. On the other hand, because of lack of interest, it wouldn't surprise me if this show could end up being cancelled soon, just because it seems like no one cares. Despite that, it is a good show, and I recommend it with a 4 out of 5.


Zack Snyder+Superman=YES!, FINALLY!

YES! As of this past week, Zack Snyder will be directing the new Superman movie. This is the best Superman movie news since the release of the Richard Donner cut, no, actually, it's better than that. Superman, in my opinion, is the most plain, and default superhero there is. Hopefully, Snyder's dynamic style will amp up his backstory. Please don't ruin this, Zack!


Iron Man 2

Sometimes, I never publish certain movie reviews in order to save space, but, in honor of the upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD release of Iron Man 2(whose review I never posted), I have decide to finall write a review. I felt that this sequel was not as good as the original. As a nerd, i quite enjoyed seeing war machine in action, but apart from action scenes and nods to the comic book, I really didn't think it was exceptional. It was good, just not REALLY good. The after the credits scene, although, was phenominal, and that's all I will say.
I give it 3 out of 5.



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